New Project: 101 Videos in 101 Days. Originally 100 Videos in 100 Days...Until I realized there are 101 days left in the year, not 100

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Amy here, and this is apparently the first blog post on Canary's website.  Canary has seen a lot of changes over the years, but we're rebuilding and regrouping and we'll be out playing very, very soon.  We're excited, I'm excited.  In the meantime...I'm going to be doing a video every day (the rest of the band might make an appearance or several) until the end of the year.  This is taken verbatim from my own website:

So I did my math wrong: there are 101 days left in the year, not 100.  So does that mean I get a buffer day?  I don't think so.  I think I'll do 101 videos in 101 days.  Because what's one more?

So I guess that changes the project to 101 videos in 101 days a la 101 Dalmatians.  I can go for that. 

Why am I doing this at all?  To hold myself accountable.  To be more creative.  To share my music with the Internet and find those who are interested.  To force me to maintain a regular practice schedule again.  And because I want to.

I started off with Coldplay's "Yellow" because I've been working on it in my lessons.  I hope it shows in the video, and I hope you enjoy it!

As always, email list is right here and ready for you.

Much love.  We'll see you at the shows,

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